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Conceived in London Crafted from luxurious Italian materials Bespoke hardware plated in 18 carat rosegold Handmade in Florence, Italy Designed for life. discover

Designed to connect, our theme for October, is about the role technology platforms to make not just virtual but translate them to real connections.

Influenced by life and experiences, our theme for August, focuses on Artists who express themselves through a universal language called Art.

Arran Frances treasures Accomplishment. Our brand recognises and celebrates the journey and sacrifices required in its very pursuit. All honest endeavours, be they small or large, create a sense of fulfilment and immense personal satisfaction in our customers as it does in us. Follow our blog to learn and share what drives remarkable individuals every […]

Resistant to the allure of transient fashion trends, our ethos centres on making products that are a timeless, yet functional, extension of our own personalities. Taking inspiration from materials, structures, and people, our raison d’être is to create pieces that reflect the spirit and timeless energy of our customers. Working with true artisans from diverse […]