About Arran

Born in Dublin, Arran grew up always fascinated by materials, how things work and how they are put together. Always in the middle of a new project she developed her love for design from an early age. After completing an art foundation course in Parsons Paris, part of The New School, she went on to study product design at Kingston University, London. Upon graduating, she worked as a product designer for independent design studios, as well as internationally acclaimed names such as Barber & Osgerby.

Coming from a product design background, Arran approaches fashion differently by reimagining traditional construction methods, exploring new material possibilities and using them to their strengths. Often beginning a new design with a 3D mockup rather than a sketch, Arran takes inspiration from how materials interact with one another and can be formed around one another.

‘My main influences are materials and manufacturing methods. I love experimenting with materials. I don’t come up with a design and then force the materials to adapt to it – I design around the materials.’

– Arran Frances Evans

Our Values

Respect is one of the founding principles of Arran Frances – Respect for the inspired craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our products, Respect for the carefully-selected materials, Respect for our diverse range of suppliers and collaborators, Respect for the environment, and most of all, Respect for our treasured customers.

Since 2016 we have been crafting handbags to blend functionality and aesthetics by choosing the highest quality materials to complement the lifestyle of our customer. Our products are manufactured by small artisanal factories in Europe who employ qualified, skilled craftspeople, and have the highest respect for working conditions and the environment.